When Is The Best Time To Sell Your House?

Have you been considering selling your home? Whether you’re relocating for work or selling a relative’s property, planning ahead of time the circumstances of the sale can make a huge difference. 

A lot has been said on this topic and pretty much everyone has an opinion on the perfect time to sell a property. However, because of the constant shift of the housing market, what was true several years ago, may not be today. 

Do your research 

There are a lot of resources out there that can provide you with exactly the best times to sell your property, depending on your state and its housing market. However, generally speaking, spring and summer are the best times to list your home. 

Research shows that April and May are ideal times to sell your house because the weather gets nicer, people are outside more, and the school year is ending soon. Listed homes tend to look more vibrant and appealing with all the greenery and blooming flowers.

While that’s true in general, some states have a specific window that is considered a good time to list your home. For Texas, for example, June is the best time to sell your property. Bottom line, no matter what you hear, do your thorough research about your state and town before making your decision. 

Listen to the experts

Although statistical data provides you with a solid answer, your home may not fit the criteria those statistics were based on. So those numbers may not pertain to you. Not to mention that the real estate market changes constantly and in short periods.  

Even though you’ve done your research, ultimately, you want to speak to a local expert. You don’t need to commit to anything just yet. Meet up with a local real estate agent, have them run the numbers, and get their perspective on what is the best time to list your property. 

Chose the exact day

Yes, the exact day. When it comes to choosing the right time for the market to list your home, it is not just about a time frame, it gets as granular as a particular date being the best time to maximize your chances of selling fast and potentially for profit. 

Again, this is something an expert can help you determine. Once you pull the plug on everything and decide to start the process, your real estate agent will be able to assess the state of the market and recommend one particular date. Nothing is done randomly, weekends, holidays, .. it all matters and plays a role in your selling process.

Instead, sell as-is

Even though it sounds easy, selling your house is a real hassle. The amount of effort and money you have to put in is considerable. And yes, you do have to spend money to sell your property the conventional way. 

With that being said, if you are under time restraints and you need to move on fast, or if your home is a bit outdated and you don’t want to spend money on it, why not sell as-is.

Simply was created to make your life easy. We promise the entire process is simple and transparent, and we will offer you the highest price possible. Find out what your property is worth today!

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