House Selling Tips That Are Fundamentally Wrong

When life happens and you find yourself having to make important decisions, time is of the essence. Maybe you bought a charming fixer-upper in your dream neighborhood, but plans changed when renovation costs proved to be more of a financial strain than expected. Or perhaps your elderly parents suddenly require more care, and it’s time to make a change, like moving to a retirement community (or even moving in with you!)

When life happens and you are ready to sell your home, be mindful of what well-intentioned friends and family suggest, or what you read on the Internet, because not all real estate advice is created equal.

Beware of these property selling tips that are flat out, fundamentally incorrect:

  • You have to make updates and repairs before you can sell the property
  • Online estimates (like Zillow’s Zestimate) are right for all homes
  • You have to sell with a real estate agent and list it on the MLS
  • The only thing that matters is how much the house sells for.

Bad Advice Tip #1: You Have to Make Updates And Repairs Before You Can Sell The Property 

So your carpeting has not been updated since the 90s, and your walls could definitely use a new coat of paint…time to roll up your sleeves and pour some sweat equity into the property, right? 

You’re probably under the impression that if you invest in home repairs, you will not only increase the value of your home but also skyrocket your ROI (return on investment). The truth is, you will potentially walk away with equal if not more money if you do not do the work. 

It all comes down to time and Return On Investment, so do not spend your weekends pulling up outdated carpeting and rolling paint on walls, or even pay people to do that. If you are a homeowner who needs to move as soon as possible, selling your home “as-is” will save you both time and money.

Bad Advice Tip #2: Online Estimates Are Right For Some Homes

Before listing, many people head to an online real estate database like Zillow to see just how much their homes could be worth. While Zillow is a starting point for most sellers, how much weight does its valuation really hold? The answer is…not as much as you might think.

The problem with Zillow is that “Zestimates” are only as accurate as the data behind them, and the information they use to price your home is not always up to date.

Lots of factors affect the reliability of these estimates, including:

    • Sale records over time
    • Property records
    • Comparable sales
    • Tax records
    • Condition of the property

Bottom line, home evaluation tools can be incorrect and misleading, especially if the house is not brand new or market-ready.

Bad Advice Tip #3: You Have to Sell With a Real Estate Agent & List it on The MLS 

Raise your hand if you or someone you know has had a bad experience with a real estate agent. 👋 

Selling your home with a realtor might be the traditional way, but it is not your only option. It also is rarely the right decision if your house isn’t “market ready”

In fact, if the clock is ticking and you are ready to sell your home as-is and move on, it is probably not a path worth taking. 

Sure, your agent will handle the listing, marketing, showing, and negotiating. But they will get paid five to six percent of the selling price (which can equate to thousands, or even 10’s of thousands of dollars), which is a significant amount! Although listing your home with a real estate agent might be the route most people take, that does not mean it is the right option for you.

Simply offers a solution to your problems by providing the speed and ease of a local flipper (property investor), with an offer that is fair to the seller, while still leaving room in the deal for the investor to make a profit.

With the Simply Model, we are able to make you, the seller of a house in need of some TLC, a top-dollar, cash offer for your property, as-is. Unlike a realtor, we even pay all the closing costs. No, it is not too good to be true! Our sellers pay zero fees. Zero. Zip. None.

Our mission is to help homeowners across the country sell their properties in a timely manner, for the most money possible…no realtor necessary.

Bad Advice Tip #4: The Only Thing That Matters is How Much The House Sells For 

Decluttering and staging your home to appeal to buyers. Advertising on online real estate databases and social media. Carving out time in your busy schedule to show your home to potential buyers who may or may not be approved for the proper loan in the first place.

This is all necessary if you want to sell your home, right? Absolutely not!

As we mentioned, selling your home as-is to Simply requires no cleaning, no remodeling, and no showings. Skip the marketing, and follow these five simple steps: 

  1. Request an offer - Answer some questions about your home, its condition, and your situation (it only takes 30 seconds!)
  2. Get connected with a Simply Advisor - Within 24 hours we’ll contact you to chat about your needs and property.
  3. Schedule a brief home visit - A Simply Local Expert will visit your home, photograph its condition, and ask some questions.
  4. Receive and approve your offer - You will get our no-cost, obligation-free offer, which we always strive to make as fair and high as possible.
  5. Close and get packing - Just like that, you can close and move when it is convenient for your schedule, up to 60 days after we sign the contract accepting your offer!

Ditch the bad advice and sell to Simply

Sure, you could go the traditional route: pour money and labor into renovations, check out your Zestimate, list your home with a realtor, plan your life around showings, wait and hope someone makes an offer…or you could choose a better way with Simply.

Whether your dreams of renovating a fixer-upper fell through, or you need to find another living situation for aging parents, we care about you and we are here to help. We promise the entire process is simple and transparent, and we will offer you the highest price possible. Find out what your property is worth today!

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