Our Mission

Solve the affordable housing crisis by buying, renovating, and reintroducing homes to their next family.

At Simply, we believe in treating others the way we would want to be treated.

We believe everyone deserves a fair shake, a fair deal, and the honesty to tackle tough situations with human dignity.

Simply isn’t just about buying and selling, Simply is about doing things a bit differently: putting people first and providing data-backed solutions that optimize value by seeing what’s possible.

Sure, we could put ourselves first, but that’s simply not what we’re about.

Creating possibility together.
Our Values


We operate like a white-glove service: We are committed to our customers at every step of their journey and establish a customized experience where our customers are seen and heard.


We approach projects with optimism, seeking ways to maximize value where possible. Our data-backed approach means we are always grounded in reality even as we seek opportunity.


Our work profoundly impacts the people, neighborhoods, and communities where we operate. We endeavor to leave a positive impact, transforming communities one home at a time.


In an industry marked by distrust and opacity, we stand for integrity. We have principle and want to do right by our customers. The right way, is always our way of doing business.


We see our clients as partners and believe human dignity is critical to supporting our relationships and our position in the world.


We operate with authenticity. We understand that not all offerings will work and identify this early and with confidence. We believe in sharing our expertise, offering unique transparency otherwise absent from the industry.


We're working to solve the affordable housing crisis, one home at a time.

We believe that a home that is safe and well-maintained is a fundamental human right. Unfortunately there's currently a gap of over 7,000,000 homes that are affordable and available to families that just don't make enough money. We're working to solve this, one home at a time.

Reinvention, not gentrification.

When we buy into a neighborhood, we're doing so because we believe that the residents there deserve neighbors that care about the property, the safety, and the value of the homes. Through our Affordable Housing Vehicle,  we're investing to reinvent neighborhoods, all while working with the local residents to maintain the community's presence and history. Every home needs a little T.L.C. once in a while!

Changing the lives of families.

We believe that housing stability is a key driver for social and economic mobility. By reintroducing safe, renovated homes back into the available housing stock, and making them specifically available to those most in need through H.U.D.'s Housing Choice Voucher program, we're working to provide an opportunity for families to start their next chapter, with a solid foundation beneath them.

Sell. Simply

Simply helps sellers get the best possible offer on their property, as-is. No repairs. No updates. No showings. And no fees. We believe a fair cash offer and a transparent process will win us more business and improve the communities we invest in. Not every situation is right for Simply, but for the ones that are, we’re here to help. By selling to Simply, you're empowering the next family to call your house home.

We are a team of experienced real estate and technology experts, united in a singular goal - to provide a safe, simply, and fair solution for sellers of homes that may not be perfect, and by doing so helping to solve the affordable housing crisis.

Meet the Team

Brian Bagdasarian

Founder & CEO

Robert Kavanagh


Ryan Denman

Head of Acquisitions

Stephen Kaplan

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Dunne

Head of Renovations

Adam Pettengil

Sr. Director Engineering & Underwriting

Matthew Jonas

Director of Asset Management

Phuc H. Bui

Manager - Software Engineering

Tommie Thomas

Renovations Manager - Pittsburgh

Kevin Honsberger

Portfolio Manager - Pittsburgh

John Moran

Renovations Manager - Cleveland

Nick Vu

Software Engineer

Hiram Perez-Bueno


Rhea Vargas

Transactions Coordinator

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As-is. No repairs. No updates. No showings. Zero fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of properties do you buy?

We're a value-add real estate company, so we're usually looking for homes that need some updating and renovation - basically some "T.L.C.". Most homes that we consider are 2-5 bedrooms, 1-3 bath (or more), and are over 900 sq.ft.  Homes need to be built after 1905 (although this may differ in certain markets). We'll also look at multi-family homes (1-4 units).

Are you a real estate brokerage?

No. We are a real estate investment technology company that, through our Affordable Housing Vehicle, directly acquire, renovate, and lease the homes through H.U.D.'s Housing Choice Voucher Program.

How quickly can you close?

We can close in as little as 7 days, although most deals take 21-30 days to complete, due to the normal title research and closing process.

What areas do you buy in?

We are actively buying in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, Cleveland, OH, and Indianapolis, IN. We're moving into additional markets over the next few months as well.

I submitted a property. What happens next?

After you have submitted an address to us and we have confirmed that we are interested (via this page), our team will reach out within 24 hours (unless it is the weekend) with any additional questions that we may have.