Selling to Simply - What to Expect

Maybe you bought a fixer-upper to transform into your forever home, but repair costs became more than you could handle...

Or maybe you landed your dream job and need to sell your house and move within the month...

Whatever your circumstances, Simply is here to help if you need to sell your home fast, and for a fair price. We know life can throw curveballs, so we make competitive, all-cash offers on homes and multi-family properties off the market for cash.

This straightforward selling process might seem too good to be true, but it is not. Our mission is to help homeowners just like you close and move on (sooner rather than later.) Let us break it down for you!

Simply specializes in challenging situations

When you sell to Simply, you can expect to partner with compassionate experts who genuinely care. Our team will help you sell your home for the best price, with zero repairs, in any condition. 

Here are a few of the situations we have helped sellers with in the past:

  • Unanticipated financial hardship
  • Downsizing due to retirement
  • Fire or natural disaster damage
  • Structural issues or unpermitted additions
  • Vacant property or difficult tenants

What is an all-cash offer?

“Cha-ching!” That’s the sound of cash paid for your property. 

You really can sell your home as-is for cash. No repairs, showings, or stagings are necessary. This kind of offer is perfect if you need to close and move quickly or lack the funds to complete repairs or renovations.

You will receive your all-cash offer within 30 seconds of submitting your address, and you can close in as little as ten days. With a cash offer from Simply, you can close fast because there are no contingencies, and we do not have to wait on bank approval. 

What to expect when you sell to Simply

At Simply, we make competitive, all-cash offers because we believe it is the right thing to do. We have witnessed other companies and investors robbing equity from homeowners and lining their own pockets. 

We decided to do things differently. We make the highest offers possible because we believe it is the best way to show our sellers the respect they deserve.

Often, we are willing and able to make 90 percent less than other investors and companies. With the Simply Model, our technology and innovation allow us to be driven by compassion, taking less so we can offer sellers more.

Here is what else to anticipate when you partner with us:

Get an offer in 30 seconds

Selling with Simply is fast and easy! Just enter your address, and click to receive your offer. In less than a minute, our technology helps us calculate your offer in these four easy steps:

  1. The “Offer Engine” (our underwriting platform) checks out 200+ information sources, considering renovation expenses to fix up your home and local market costs in your area.
  2. We figure out what your house will be worth once we finish the necessary repairs and upgrades.
  3. We develop a fair (but smaller than average) profit margin that makes sense for our business.
  4. Everyone wins (Simply and our sellers!), and we move on to help more homeowners.

Connect with a Simply advisor

Within 24 hours, one of our advisors will reach out to get to know you, identify your needs, and get familiar with your property’s condition.

Schedule a brief home visit

When a seller takes the traditional real estate route and lists their home with a Realtor, they have to adjust their schedule to accommodate showing after showing. 

One of the many perks of selling with Simply is that we schedule one brief home visit convenient for your schedule. During this visit, one of our local experts will do a quick walkthrough of your property, take pictures, and ask a few questions.

Get an official offer

Our team will send over your free offer with no obligation. You can always count on our offers to be competitive and all-cash.

Close & Move on

At Simply, we move at your pace, on your terms. Whether you want to close in seven days or 60, we can be flexible. We will even pay for your moving supplies!

Simply offers sellers convenience and compassion

When you sell your home as-is to Simply, you can expect to receive straightforward, considerate service. We know the home sale process can seem complex, so our experts are here to help you feel comfortable and confident. 

Ready to take the next step to “sold”? Our team is here for you, and we are ready to help! All you have to do is enter your address for an instant decision on whether or not we are interested in your property.

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