Relocation Issues – Home Selling And Home Buying At The Same Time

Selling your home can be a complicated process. Orchestrating the purchase of a new home while selling your current one adds a whole other layer of difficulty!

Especially if your home is outdated or damaged, you probably feel like you have to make repairs and renovations before listing your home. Fixing up your property and listing the house with a Realtor takes time and money and may not pay off as you would hope in the long run. 

Sometimes, when you have to relocate sooner rather than later for work or personal reasons, selling as-is for cash is the smoothest way to close on your current home and purchase the next one.

Home sale and relocation

Selling and buying real estate at the same time can mean you are juggling lots of responsibilities at once. When two different transactions depend on all of the details falling into place, everything is more stressful and complex.

When you are only selling your house, setbacks can be irritating and cause the process to be longer than you would prefer. However, when the purchase of another home depends on everything going as planned with the sale of your current home, delays are not just annoying. They could cost you your dream home! 

You probably have a narrow time frame when the sale needs to happen for you to arrange for the purchase of the other home, and you do not want to get stuck paying two mortgages.  So many variables are out of your control that you could be flirting with financial disaster if you take the traditional route. It is as if you are crossing your fingers, hoping the stars align in your favor.

Selling for cash can facilitate relocation

When you list your home with a Realtor and involve potential buyers and mortgage companies, there are so many moving parts that lots can go wrong, delaying your home purchase.

Despite your best efforts, sometimes buyers back out of contracts, inspections uncover unexpected issues, and lenders reject loan applications, among many other problems.

Plus, concerns that arise during inspections can cause buyers to request repairs or to try to negotiate a price drop. Especially if your home is outdated or damaged, this part of the selling process can cost you money. In turn, this could mean you can no longer afford the new home you wanted to purchase.

However, when you sell your home to Simply as-is for cash, no inspection is necessary. One of our Local Experts will do a quick walkthrough of the property, take some pictures, and ask a few questions. That is it!

Also, since cash buyers do not depend on lender approval, an appraisal is not required. When you sell for cash, the ball is in your court, and the sale happens on your timeline. There is no contingency period and no waiting on a bank to give your buyer the green light.

With control back in your hands, this frees you from the hassle of repairs and renovations, allowing you to focus on your own big transaction.

Selling for cash saves you money

Not only does partnering with a cash buyer simplify the selling process and give you the power to set your own timeline, but it could also positively impact your bottom line. When you sell your house as-is for cash, you can save time and walk away with more money in your pocket.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners buy into house selling tips that are fundamentally incorrect. They think that they have to renovate the property to a market-ready condition to get the most money for their home and that listing with a Realtor will help them sell their property for top dollar. 

However, investing in renovations and working with an agent takes time, and if the purchase of your new home is dependent on the sale of your current one, selling your house for cash is the best financial decision. With all the expenses involved in selling on the market, selling to a property investor for cash saves you money.

Ditch the stress, sell to Simply

When it comes to buying and selling at the same time, you have enough on your plate! Not only are you trying to sell your current home, but you are also searching for a new one and preparing for an upcoming move. 

At Simply, we know this transition can be an exhausting process! Our team can help save you time with an as-is cash offer, allowing you to close and move on your timeline - in as little as seven days, or as long as 60 days.

You do not have to waste time or money on repairs, cleaning, showings, or closing costs. Just enter your address to find out if we are interested in your property. 

If we are, you will receive an instant offer and be one step closer to selling your current home and purchasing your new one!

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