What is the Difference Between Real Estate Agents and Property Investors?

When it comes to selling a house, most people envision the same process for everyone: hire a realtor, list the house on the market, and then wait for an offer you like. While that is the standard procedure for selling a home, it is not the only one. 

Another option is to work with property investors. 

But what is the difference between real estate agents and property investors? And how do you know which one is right for you? 

Keep reading to find out.

The difference between real estate agents and property investors

Real estate agents help sell your house, and with that comes the process of repairing, appraising, listing, and even doing open houses. However, the realtor handles most of the work—for a price, of course. The average commission for realtors is five to six percent of the final sale price.

Property investors purchase real estate from sellers to rent it or resell it. Working with them doesn’t require any repairs, fees, or commissions. Instead, they’ll meet you directly to assess the property’s value and make you an offer on the spot. 

Overall, it is a direct sale that creates more flexibility while saving you time and money on extra costs. 

Both options have pros and cons, but how do you know which choice is right for you?

How to choose the right path for selling your property

Does one option have more benefits than the other? Not necessarily. There is no one-size-fits-all method that works for everyone. 

To know which option is best for your situation, consider these things first. 

How do you want to list your property?

First things first, you need to decide how you want to list your house. Do you want to put it on the market or list it off the market? 

Listing on the market means the house gets listed on multiple listing service databases. Off the market essentially means you’re conducting a private sale and handling everything by yourself. 

Working with a real estate agent is the logical choice if you want your property on the market. 

A realtor will take control of most of the process and can get your property more exposure. They may also make suggestions for improvements you can make to increase the property’s value, and they’ll even conduct showings.

If you choose to sell your house off the market, you will have the option to sell for cash and avoid any fees or intermediaries. However, this means it is up to you to advertise the property, meet potential buyers, and negotiate the final sale. 

What is your timeline?

How quickly do you need to sell your property? Working with property investors is your best bet if you need the home buying process to move faster. This allows you to sell for cash and avoid the extra work of making repairs for the home buying process.

If it is something that you are laxer about, a realtor is worth considering. Sometimes, a house will sell relatively quickly, but it’s not guaranteed. The fact is that working with real estate agents leaves you at the mercy of the market and buyers. 

It can take up to a month—or maybe longer—to sell the property, and the closing process will take at least a month. 

What is your budget?

Selling a house on the market comes with additional costs that are worth considering. These fees can quickly add up and narrow your profit margin significantly. Selling your property as-is cuts out all of this and puts all the profits directly into your pockets. 

To recap, take a look at the pros and cons of working with real estate agents and property investors.  

The pros and cons of working with real estate agents 

  • Saves you time throughout the home buying process
  • You gain more exposure
  • You don’t have to worry about marketing or paperwork

The pros and cons of working with property investors

  • Saves you money on repairs and fees. 
  • Allows you to keep all of your profits.
  • Shorter closing period.

Ultimately, what route you decide to take depends on your goals, timeline, budget, and personal preferences. Sometimes, you just need to sell as quickly as possible and can’t afford to deal with everything that comes with listing your house on the market. 

When that’s the case, selling to property investors is always the better choice. 

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