To Repair or Not? Navigating HVAC Decisions When Selling Your Home

In this abnormally hot summer, one of the most significant considerations you can grapple with when considering selling is the state of their Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. Do you invest in repairs, or skip them and hope for the best? 

While conventional wisdom might push you towards repairing, let's explore why skipping the HVAC repair could be in your best interest.

The immediate question that pops up when contemplating such a decision is, unsurprisingly, regarding cost. HVAC repairs don't always guarantee a corresponding rise in property value, and depending on the state of your local real estate market and the age of the system, prospective buyers might not be willing to pay a premium even for a recently serviced HVAC. 

Repairs, especially those tied to intricate systems like HVAC, come with a hefty price tag. A relatively new system with minor, fixable problems could be seen as a minor hiccup by buyers. Conversely, a system that's been running for well over a decade, even if operational, might be viewed as a pending expense. 

One aspect that often goes overlooked in this conversation is the perspective of the buyer. While we might assume that all buyers prioritize a fully functional HVAC system, real-life scenarios can vary. Some buyers have a specific vision for their new home, which includes upgrading to a more energy-efficient HVAC system or one from their preferred brand. For these individuals, the current state of the system is secondary, as they'd be inclined to replace it irrespective of its condition. 

Moreover, the sale price and positioning of your property play crucial roles in determining whether an HVAC repair is warranted. High-end luxury properties demand perfection in nearly every aspect. Buyers in this segment expect top-tier amenities and systems in flawless working condition. Here, skipping an HVAC repair might be detrimental. However, the dynamics change when we consider mid-range or starter homes, as buyers in these categories often seek value, and a minor HVAC issue might not be a dealbreaker, especially if they sense an opportunity to negotiate a better deal.

Skipping HVAC repairs? What are your options?

Selling a home as is has become increasingly popular in certain markets. Homeowners opting for this approach are transparent about any existing issues and make it clear that they're not open to making post-inspection repairs. If you are leaning towards this strategy, investing in HVAC repairs might seem counterintuitive. 

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