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Why Us?

Simply Homes is a new way of selling your house (that may need a little T.L.C.) without the hidden fees, headaches, or chaos. We match nuanced data with a human-first approach to help you sell outdated or damaged homes at the best possible price. It’s that simple.

At Simply, we believe in treating others the way we would want to be treated.

We believe everyone deserves a fair shake, a fair deal, and the honesty to tackle tough situations with human dignity.

Simply isn’t just about buying and selling, Simply is about doing things a bit differently: putting people first and providing data-backed solutions that optimize value by seeing what’s possible.

Sure, we could put ourselves first, but that’s simply not what we’re about.

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What our Clients Say

I would like to thank Ryan and his team for the professionalism that they exhibited while reviewing my home. Everyone I dealt with was very respectful of our situation and even though we weren’t able to come to terms on my home, I would still highly recommend this team to anyone in a situation requiring a quick, as-is sale.

Terry K.

I would recommend Simply Homes to everyone! They are very thorough, knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. They solved a messy situation, and were always there throughout the process!

Tynetta C.

So far every interaction we've had with Simply has been fantastic. They understand what it means to sell a house that has memories. Their offer was much better than any other we received!

Brad R.

I have had the pleasure of working with the Simply team on a few deals, and am impressed by the fairness of their offers, and the transparent way that they work. As a Realtor, knowing that Simply is a viable option when I have a home that isn’t market-ready is a lifesaver!

Amie S.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of properties do you buy?

    We (both us and our investor partners) are value-add investors, so we're usually looking for homes that need some updating and renovation - basically some "T.L.C.". Most homes that we consider are 2-5 bedrooms, 1-3 bath (or more), and are over 900 sq.ft.  Homes need to be built after 1905 (although this may differ in certain markets). We'll also look at multi-family homes (1-4 units).

    Are you a real estate brokerage?

    No. We are a real estate investment technology company that, through our subsidiary Simply Capital Management ( operate our Affordable Housing Fund.

    How quickly can you close?

    We can close in as little as 7 days, although most deals take 21-30 days to complete, due to the normal title research and closing process. Most people choose to close between 21 days-45 days.

    What areas do you buy in?

    We are actively buying in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, Cincinnati, OH and Dayton, OH. We're moving into additional markets over the next few months as well.

    I requested an offer. What happens next?

    If you requested an offer, but did not receive a Simply Homes Instant Offer™ immediately, then, after you have submitted an address to us and we have confirmed that we are interested (via this page), our team will reach out within 24 hours (unless it is the weekend) with any additional questions that we may have.

    If you did receive a Simply Homes Instant Offer™, then our team will be in touch with next steps within a few minutes during normal business hours, or first thing the next business day if after hours.


    Any show of interest from this site is informational in nature only and is not an offer, commitment, or other agreement or arrangement on behalf of Simply Homes, Inc., its affiliates, assigns, or subsidiaries, to purchase, nor convey an intention to purchase, any real property. By submitting information to this website you are agreeing to allow Simply Homes, Inc. to contact you, whether via email, phone, or other means, to discuss your property and intentions therein.

    A Simply Homes Instant Offer™ is an estimate calculated using publicly available information and Simply's proprietary valuation model(s), commonly referred to as the Offer Engine, but is not exclusive to that name or reference. It typically includes hundreds of data-points related to your home, its location, and recent market activity, and/or predicted market activity. A Simply Homes Instant Offer is not an appraisal. It is an invitation for you to begin the process of, depending on your specific situation and the version of a Simply Homes Offer presented, to either (a) requesting a formal offer to purchase your home (a "Simply Homes Offer"), or (b) provide additional information so as to begin such process.

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